Terms and Conditions

Wine Tour Terms and Conditions 

  1. All Wine tours are subject to availability
  2. All passengers must be 21yrs old or older
  3. Alcohol may NOT be consumed in any of our vehicles, at any time
  4. We reserve the right to send a vehicle of our choice if the need arises, it will be a vehicle that fits your group size and comparable in amenities to any of our vehicles.
  5. Any belligerent, rude, or disruptive behavior during any part of the tour, including in the the planning process can result in immediate termination of our service without a refund.
  6. While all our tours are customized to the client, we follow and respect ALL rules set forth by each individual tasting room. Any behavior to the contrary can also result in the termination of your tour.
  7. Current covid restrictions have added to tasting room limitations, many restrict group size to 6 or less and some require reservations made by the actual client.
  8. Discounts may not be combined with any other offer
  9. Driver Gratuity and Tasting Fees are not included in our pricing
  10. We do not allow pets or children along on any of our tours
  11. Overtime rate of $2/minute will be assessed for tours that go over scheduled time for reasons within the guests’ control. We will do our best to keep the tour on track. Reasonable exceptions may exist but will be up to the driver to asses. (ie; slow service or long check out times) Extenuating circumstances and road construction will be are exceptions to the overtime rule if the tour goes over. 
  12. Any changes to the tour (ie. number of guests, length of time, change of pick up or drop off location) must be discussed prior to the date of your tour. 
  13. Pick up and drop off must be at your location of lodging. We cannot drop off at parking lots, vehicles, or leave anywhere that you may get stranded (Uber and taxis are pretty nonexistent in the wine region)
  14. Deposits are non-refundable, forfeited deposits may be applied towards a future tour.
  15. Balance due will be charged to the card on file the DAY PRIOR TO THE TOUR unless other arrangements were made prior to that day.
  16. Please DO NOT discuss fees or pay the driver anything other than gratuity. They will not know your balance or if it has been paid. All payment information should be done through the main office.
  17. Our group size limit is 6 adults. We will not accommodate any larger group and will not use multiple vehicles to accommodate such group.
  18. Our service area is limited to the Finger Lakes Wine Region. This region keeps us extremely busy and have found it is not financially worth traveling outside this region for pick ups. The general rule is about a 45 minute drive or less from Penn Yan, NY. If unsure please map out your lodging to Penn Yan or contact us prior to booking.
  19. ANY CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 14 days of your tour for any reason may still incur the full charge. If we are able to rebook your time slot, you will only forfeit your deposit.