About Us and FAQs

We are a locally owned and operated Wine Tour Transportation company based out of Penn Yan, NY. We are excited to be serving the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. Our focus is on delivering intimate tours, excursions, and other transportation for groups of up to 6 people. We offer an experience you can’t get visiting the region in a large group on a bus, or in a limousine. We have over 10 Years experience and have built many relationships and a great reputation with many of the wineries in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is a typical wine or beer tour?

a. An Average tour is 6 hours, but we do offer tours of  5 to 8 hours. Many venues operate from 10/11am to 5/6pm, we find that this length of time usually allows us to get in a full day of wine tasting without rushing. Depending on your experience at each place, we can usually hit 4-10 steps including a stop for lunch.

2. Is drinking alcoholic beverages allowed in the vehicle?

a. No. We do not allow the consumption of alcohol in our vehicles. We have found that drinking between stops can make for a bad experience.  Keep in mind,  you will be drinking at every stop. Just as in a bar, intoxicated customers may be denied service.

3. What should I bring with me on a tour? 

a. Your ID. A camera, a phone & charger (we are not photographers, but we will take photos for you), our vehicles have USB ports for charging phones but we do not provide cables. Any snacks or lunch if you like. If you plan on going to a brewery, bring an empty growler if you have one, most breweries will fill any growler no matter the logo on it. A jacket or sweatshirt is always a good idea.

4. Do we have to stick to the itinerary?

a. Not at all, whether we help you set a route or you have a list of stops you want to make, we can adjust that at any time. Some wineries have implemented reservations for any size groups, so those stops will NOT be able to be changed. Since reservations have started, tours can be a little less flexible but we will still work with you before hand to set up the times. We highly recommend not having more than one or two stops that require reservations. Too many reservations rarely work out. In fact, most pre-planned itineraries rarely hit all the stops and times as planned.

We have been asked that the actual client make any reservations that are required, but we will work through that with you.

5. Are there places to eat? 

a. Yes, there are many. Many of the venues will also have snacks, crackers, cheeses etc. If you would like to stop at a specific place for lunch on your tour, please try to let us know ahead of time so we can plan your route around that.

6. Are children allowed on the wine tour? 

a. No. All passengers must be 21 or older.

7. What is the largest group you accommodate?
a. We only offer tours for groups of 6 adults or less. Through our 10 years we have had many different vehicles and tried many things. Overall we found our niche in small groups and we are busier than ever taking care of our smaller groups. By our own choice, we will not accommodate any larger groups, or use multiple vehicles for such groups.
6 is our hard limit, for which there are many reasons to include but not limited to:

1. It is our preferred business model

2. Our vehicles are built for 7 people (1 driver and 6 guests). Any vehicles built for 8 or more including the driver fall into a different registration class, licensing class, and insurance class. Therefore the expense goes way up and the cost of the tours dramatically increases. We have been there and done that, it’s not our thing, period.

3. We will not skirt any winery or wine trail rules by using multiple vehicles or have extra guests follow behind in a separate vehicle, private or hired, to join the Pals group at the winery.

What About the Lakes?

Keuka Lake (our home lake)

Due to the Y-shaped look of Keuka Lake, it is also known as “Crooked Lake,” making this lake quite enjoyable to travel around and visit. Keuka Lake is surrounded by numerous wineries and breweries.  Visitors can take amazing pictures of this amazing lake or take fantastic pictures of the countryside, making it a must see lake to visit any time of year. This Lake is home to 16 wineries, 7 craft breweries, and 3 distilleries.

Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake is quite large and is the deepest lake within the state.  It is known as the lake trout capital of the world and is the host of the National Lake Trout Derby.  At the south end of the lake there is a town called Watkins Glen which is known for auto racing and waterfalls.  Seneca Lake has a large variety of wineries where visitors will find a bottle everyone will enjoy.  This lake also offers tasty beers and spirits.

Cayuga Lake

Cayuga Lake, the longest of the Finger Lakes at 38.2 miles long, and second deepest at 435 ft, is credited with being the oldest wine trail in the country. There are 26 wineries along its shores along with several distilleries, cideries and breweries. In 2013 the Finger Lakes Sweet Treat trail was established and boasts 27 stops to satisfy your sweetest cravings. There are many scenic tours from geologic to bird watching, Cayuga Lake has something for everybody.

Canandaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake is known as the “Chosen Spot.”  This lake offers delicious wine, enjoyable restaurants, spectacular scenery, pleasurable activities and delightful shopping.  Make sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty and your taste buds to enjoy the tastes of this Canandaigua Lake!